Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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Life lately...

A September visit to Portland to be with loved ones...

...turned bittersweet, as it was the last weekend I got to spend with my sweet, sick Howie-bear.  He was very fragile and slow but followed us around to lay on the floor of whatever room we happened to be in.  Lexi, in her neurotic way, spent most of her time panicking that Howie was receiving all the attention, which helped us to laugh on occasion.  I miss him so much already and it will be jarring to visit Portland and not see his eager face at the front door.  

Tiffers, loving me well from afar.  (P.S. Chris thought I drew this and I had to explain, after eight years of friendship/dating/marriage, that my abilities are limited to stick figures).

Then it was on to Boise for brother-in-law Garrett's wedding, held at a beautiful winery just outside the city.

At the rehearsal dinner, I got to feel fancy in my recent vintage purchase from the fabulous InStyleReStyle shop, run by Tiff and her mama.


A much-needed sisterhood reunion finally occurred in October, and Seattle gave us the prettiest weather to run around in.  I love these women so much.  We are also totally shameless together and took the above photo on a traffic median while cars were driving toward us.  #yolo

October also brought a quick night away to celebrate our birthday fern, Jenni!  We watched a storm roll in over the Sound and had wonderful conversation and snacks in our snug little cabin.

Two weeks later, Chris and I flew to New Orleans for our first taste of the south.  (Also, can you tell we did just a TAD of traveling in the last few months?  I'm dealing with it by keeping extremely early bedtimes and watching the junk-food-soap-opera-bliss that is the television show Scandal).

The bride and groom generously hosted us at the same house that served as the wedding venue.  It was right on the bayou and we had to keep all small dogs in attendance on leashes because alligators might emerge out of the water and eat them.  Clearly, I belong in the PNW, and view the rest of the country as a kind of Hunger Games battle against extreme weather, bad cell phone coverage, and wild animals.

Bandit, the ring-bearer.

You MUST see this film.  Gorgeous, haunting, brilliantly acted.  

Cat baby (and straight hair).


Hoping your autumn is beautiful and cozy.

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