Tuesday, February 9, 2016

bits & pieces.

Life lately...
...holiday edition!

The top photo features the very first successful fire built after three years of living in our apartment.  We've since come to accept that Duraflame logs are nothing to be ashamed of, although this fire was real wood and fervent prayers.  

Time with the blessed sisterhood at Thanksgiving, made possible by real life Instagram husbands*!  (*Ian not pictured).  "Behind every cute girl on Instagram is a guy like me ... and a brick wall."

Yuletide Sessions, III, featuring a cover of Amy Grant's '80s Christmas-rock triumph, Emmanuel (appropriate, as this is also the church's name).

Saturday mornings, pretty much always.

Christmas lunch with work babes.

Juniper gets her craft on at Christmas.

One of the most stunning and vivid novels I have read in some time--expect this to be in 2016's book round-up!

Chris' sign posted before we headed to Portland, to deter any would-be thieves after last year's break-in.  Every time I need to laugh I look at this photo.

Portland hipster boutique gems part I: Saint Kanye?

Portland hipster boutique gems part II: feminist cat pin (!).  (Shoulda bought it).

Heading home for Christmas this year was made infinitely better by reading (and then sharing) the ever-wise Jen Hatmaker's thoughts on how we sabotage Big Days.

The Long fam living the hell out of the '70s.  (Dad is the bottom left lad; Gramma and Aunt Vicky are both rocking the beehive).

And with modern-day Dad.

This next series I've titled, "Lexi in the middle of things."

Always near.

Plus cat-baby just chilling.  Note: Juniper is not a great traveler.

After a lovely and hectic week in Portland, we returned to Seattle the night before my 27th birthday.  Here is Chris and I doing fancy facial masks together to keep my youthful glow as I bid 26 farewell.  Apparently my head is way too small for the average face mask, which is why Chris' fits him perfectly and I look like a chicken 

Here's where things start to get birthday-crazy.  My theory is that having a birthday right in the middle of so many other holidays makes people feel sorry for me, which is why the festivities keep going.  Please forgive all the me-ness.  

When I returned to work in the new year, my office mates whisked me away to coffee and made all my balloon dreams come true.  I love them.

Then, I just happened to win a lottery that granted me use of a staff house at SPU's Conference Center on Whidbey Island.  We headed up with some Seattle friends, and also happened to have the most glorious winter weather I can recall.

Our cabin was the middle white building; all staff buildings are separated from student barracks by a huge field, which made our mostly-alumni group very pleased and mildly haughty.

The balloon came along.

They even brought me a (vegan) cake and didn't force me to play any board games.

Lest it all seem too glamorous, here's a photo of the rug burn I acquired when I decided I needed a banana in the middle of the night and fell down the cabin stairs.


Here's to celebrating lots of good things all at once, and to taking gentle care of ourselves when Big Days bring Big Expectations and Big Pressure.


  1. I'm doing some much needed catch up on the blog, and this brought back such fun memories. LET'S ADVENTURE AGAIN SOON!!

  2. I'm doing some much needed catch up on the blog, and this brought back such fun memories. LET'S ADVENTURE AGAIN SOON!!